Military Resiliency Program

Each day the military witnesses their troops stressed by issues such as deployment, general service demands, trauma, and re-integration. This can compromise the psychological wellness and/or create substance abuse problems for these brave men and women.Bald eagle

Military leaders and supervisors, along with the troops themselves, may be asking the question:

“Where do we go to seek help for these concerns?”

MILITARY RESILIENCY PROGRAM MISSION: provide exceptional behavioral health services to United States service members in need 

Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital wants both our active duty military service members to know that we are here for you. We are deeply committed to providing specialized behavioral health treatment for the brave men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces. Our Military Resiliency Program provides structured, effective treatment in a specialized military environment. It is a place for service members to come for camaraderie, support, guidance, professional treatment, and personal growth.

The Military Resiliency Program provides individualized treatment for Active, Reserve, and National Guard service members on our 30-bed unit housing only service members. Our programming was designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of military service members facing various challenges, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), comprehensive/complex trauma, substance-related and addictive disorders, acute mental disorders, dual-diagnosis, and more.

The Resiliency Program helps facilitate trust, self-regulation, trauma awareness, and integration utilizing various methods, including comprehensive assessments, medically monitored detoxification programs, and individualized and group rehabilitative therapy. Service members are tended to 24 hours a day by our team of compassionate and highly trained professionals. Our dedicated staff on the Military Resiliency Unit (MRU) are either Veterans themselves, military family members or spouses, or have gone through extensive military culture training.

Treatment in the program includes a wide variety of therapeutic activities, including expressive therapy, art and music therapy, recreational therapy, and yoga therapy. Our clinical staff employ some of the most up-to-date and research based techniques. Evidence based treatment modalities include:

For active duty service members, admission to the Military Resiliency Program is treated essentially as their temporary duty station. Patients on the MRU are assigned roommates according to rank and gender and are expected to adhere to physical training requirements. Patients in the Resiliency Program are provided additional physical training three days a week, instructed by a licensed mental health counselor/certified personal trainer, for functional and therapeutic training. We also have two gyms offering basketball, cardiovascular, and weight training this is ONLY FOR ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS.

dogtagsThe Military Resiliency Program features a streamlined referral and admissions process, specialized military unit with gymnasium and workout equipment, comprehensive medication management that adheres to DoD formulary, and a collaborative relationship with open lines of communication between command, mental health clinic, and facility clinicians. The MRU treatment team develops individualized treatment plans and provides daily treatment updates to the referring providers. We understand that a diagnosis can have serious implications, damage a military career, or even end it entirely. Our clinicians will not change a diagnosis for any service member without first discussing the change with the referring provider and clinic at length.

Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital prides our Military Resiliency Program on world class customer service, effective communication, and proper documentation. Administrative telephone numbers and emails are provided upon request, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any needs or concerns. We happily open up our facility to our referring providers and welcome command visits 365 days a year. The Resiliency Program also has two dedicated Military Liaisons to help facilitate appropriate and consistent communication between command and other referring providers, as well as streamline the referral process and handle any other specific needs or requests.

Communication includes regular patient updates via treatment team conference calls, progress notes sent to providers daily, and coordination of care/participation of command in the discharge planning process. We do not discharge on Fridays, weekends, or holidays to ensure service members adhere to the requirements of a same date follow-up at the mental health clinic after an inpatient hospitalization.

For more information on the Military Resiliency Program, call Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital at 850.763.0017. To speak directly with staff on the Military Resiliency Unit, call 850.532.6485.

Veteran’s Program

Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital also offers a Veteran’s program, which is embedded within our Open Adult Unit. Curriculum is tailored specifically to Veterans issues and education, including accessing Veterans-specific care upon discharging from the hospital. Veterans are evaluated upon admission by our clinical experts who will determine which program is best for the Veteran. For additional information on our Veteran’s Program, click here.

Never lose hope–Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital is here to help.

In response to the present and growing need for high quality and intensive behavioral health services, Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital has developed our Military Resiliency Program through our parent company’s Patriot Support Program network of treatment centers, support staff, and medical professionals dedicated to treating active duty members of the military, Veterans, and their families. We are proud and honored to be part of this network of care. Click below to play a special message from Heisman Trophy winner and mental health advocate, Herschel Walker, who is also a Patriot Support Program spokesperson.


Individualized Treatment for Various Challenges Including

  • PTSD
  • Military related trauma
  • Combat related trauma
  • Combat operational stress
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Alcohol and/or drug dependency
  • Acute mental disorders
  • Dual-diagnosis

Addictions Awareness

  • Disease model of addiction
  • Relapse risk and education
  • Introduction to 12-step model
  • Engaging support network

Life Skills Awareness

  • Anger management
  • Conflict resolution/coping skills
  • Relationship/parenting stress
  • Communication
  • Accepting help

Behavioral Health Awareness

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations
  • Symptom management
  • Medication management
  • Stress/anxiety reduction
  • Recovery principles

Military-Specific Issues

  • Separation adjustment
  • Deployment readiness
  • Loss and grief counseling
  • Reintegration adjustment

Military Resiliency Program contact information:

Fast and effective communication is our top priority at Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital. Direct contact information to the Military Resiliency Unit is available below for referring providers, command, installations, etc. to streamline the communication process to our Resiliency team: