Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital provides resources for patients and their family members experiencing difficult mental health challenges in all stages of recovery. Use our resources for mental health, suicide awareness, military members, veterans and seniors.

Patients gathered in intensive outpatient program (IOP)

Mental Health Resources

College Planning Guide For Students With Mental Health Disorders: Guide to explain the resources and accommodations most schools provide, and offer tips on how to access these mental health services.

Suicide Awareness Resources

Suicide Prevention – Warning Signs: Learn the suicide warning signs and the steps that should be taken.

Identifying Patients at Risk of Suicide: Tips for Primary Care Providers

Safety Planning for Individuals at Risk of Suicide: Tips for Mental Health Providers

Resources For Military & Veterans

Resources for Military Members, Veterans and their Families: Online tools and apps available to support the mental health of military service members, veterans and their loved ones.

Resources for Organizations Serving Veterans: Suicide prevention resources and other tools for organizations that serve veterans.

Resources For Seniors

Responding to Suicide Risk in Older Adults: Understanding the factors, risks and warning signs of suicide in senior adults–and what to do.

The Role of Senior Living Communities in Preventing Suicide: Suicide risk and Information for Senior Living Communities/Facilities

Preventing Suicide Amongst Older Adults: Facts and Resources for Prevention

Medicare in Florida: Patient Resource Center

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