I. Financial Assistance

a. Contact the Business Office to schedule a financial assistance appointment.

i. Insurance Coverage Determination:

1. Yes, insurance coverage is available:

a. Business Office will complete benefit check.
b. Business Office will advise patient how to contact their plan and obtain estimated patient responsibility.
c. See Item III for patient responsibility payment plan.

2. No, there is no insurance coverage available:

a. Complete a financial assessment form with the Business Office.

i. If patient qualifies for charity care:

1. Enrollment assistance offered for Medicaid or Health Insurance Exchange, if applicable.
2. See Item V for Charity Care Policy.

ii. If patient does not qualify for charity care:

1. Advise of full patient responsibility.
2. See Item III for payment plan.

II. Application Process – All applicability of allowable financial arrangements are based on a standardized financial assessment form to be completed by the patient with assistance from the Business Office.

a. Contact the Business Office to arrange a financial assessment.
b. The Business Office will evaluate and provide options based on information obtained during the financial assessment. See Item I.

III. Payment Plans – Payment options exist for patients’ financial responsibility that may be negotiated based on the financial assessment form.

a. If insured, upon request, deductible, co-pays and co-insurance payment plans can be discussed, as applicable, based on the outcome of your financial assessment.
b. If uninsured, and not qualified for charity care, payment plan options will be presented.
c. If qualified for charity care, this process is not applicable.

IV. Discounts – There are no standard discounts. Individual payment plans may include cost reductions.

V. Charity Care Policy – When an uninsured patient falls below certain income levels, which is identified through the financial assessment, services provided are considered charity care and recorded as such. No charges are billed to the patient.

a. A financial assessment must be completed with the Business Office.
b. The Business Office will advise patient if charity care criteria have been met.
c. Enrollment assistance offered for Medicaid or Health Insurance Exchange, if applicable.

VI. Collections Procedure – Payments can be made through various tender. Due dates are discussed during payment plan arrangements. Significantly delinquent accounts will be reviewed for potential placement with a third-party agency.